When I first met up with Sarah and Sean back in the Autumn of 2013 at the Bath assembly rooms and they told me of their wedding plans I knew then this would be no ordinary wedding and that it would challenge my photography skills to the max. You see Sarah and Sean were getting married at the magnificent  Bath Pump rooms ( also known as the Roman Baths ), in October at 7.30pm, in other words when it is dark outside.

The Pump Rooms in Bath are steeped in history and unlike any other wedding venue I know of. Dating back over 2000 years and set right in the heart of the world heritage city of Bath attracting over a million visitors every year.

We did a pre wedding engagement shoot earlier in the year when we met up to go over Sarah and Sean wedding day plans and expectations.

Well the day of the wedding came and I met Sarah and her family who had all flown in from Dublin at the Abbey Hotel just behind Bath Abbey for her preparations. Sarah looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress by the time her father came to see her.  More than a few tears of joy were shed .

We Met up with Saun and the rest of the groomsmen outside the Pump Rooms enabling us to get some guy shots before the wedding ceremony and also before the light faded too much.

Sarah an Saun had already had a small legal ceremony back in Dublin and had opted for a humanist wedding which was both different and also very interesting to watch and includes the tying of the knot ( literally ).

After an amazing wedding ceremony which looked just like a scene out of the bible, it was the group shots and a few romantic ones too. We had literally had less than half an hour to nail all these photos, which of course we did. The wedding breakfast, speeches and evening celebrations were in the ballroom where we also got some more amazing photos.

Well before we knew it was time to go. Here are just a few photos from Sarah and Saun’s wedding day.Sarah & Sean Emil-39 Sarah & Sean Emil-480 - Copy Sarah & Sean Emil-456 - Copy Sarah & Sean Emil-353 Sarah & Sean Emil-329 Sarah & Sean Emil-318 Sarah & Sean Emil-278 Sarah & Sean Emil-261 Sarah & Sean Emil-251 Sarah & Sean Emil-212 Sarah & Sean Emil-221 Sarah & Sean Emil-192 Sarah & Sean Emil-150 Sarah & Sean Emil-129 Sarah & Sean Emil-88 Sarah & Sean Emil-75 Sarah & Sean Emil-42 Sarah & Sean Emil-18 Sarah & Sean Emil-4